Alex on the “Riot video shoot

Shooting our video for Riot paralleled a lot of the experiences with The JAB this year. It reinforced how far the band has come since I’ve joined the group. The previous video we filmed was in Jam’s garage, plastic sheeting hung up on all the walls. I think it was the middle of summer so the temperature was well over 100 degrees. Suffice to say we were sweating from the jump. The production and planning and execution involved in this shoot were light years beyond what we’d previously done. A whole team, hair, makeup, multiple cameras, and a very rad sound stage took things to the next level. We got to meet and hang out with the actors involved and see them do their thing, which is always inspiring. I have a lot of close friends in the acting world and it was awesome to be able to provide work to other creative people doing their own thing as we do ours. 

Truth be told, the actual filming took less time than the preparation and primping. Partially due to our vanity lol, but we wanted to look our best and I’d just gotten a questionable haircut that needed some help, so what can you do? I had a blast jamming to our song and tried to remember exactly what I played so no one could call me out for faking it. Tough stuff because I tend to mix up my bass lines in little ways every time I play, always trying new stuff and being open to what feels right in the moment. The video shoot is similar to the recording process, where you’d like to try and play things the same way each time for the sake of  consistency. End of the day, we got what we wanted and brought big energy to the whole process. It’s pretty easy with this group to cut loose, have fun, and just go for it. There’s only ever support and cheers from the bandmates, so noone gets too hung up with self consciousness or ego.  

The turn around is super fast and the video will be out before we know it! It’s still a little surreal how fast things are moving, the video release, then the single and before we know it, the album will be out and we’ll be on the road. I’m super psyched to start touring and performing every day. 2020 is gonna be a big year for the band and for us as individuals. Feeling super blessed, super grateful and super motivated to give it my all. This video is just the beginning, and what a start it should prove to be. Peace and love and I also just got my first pair of Crocs so … expect to see me in my comfy new footwear sometime soon. Xoxo 


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