Jam on mixing the album.

Man was that rough!!! I’ve always been in the room with the engineer when mixing a record in the past. This time, it was all done remotely. We left Lexington in early August after we finished recording all the tracks.

I started to receive mixes about 3 weeks later while home in Chicago. I had no idea it would be this hard to explain through email how I wanted to change the sonic landscape.

How do you explain to another person what “dirtier” means on an organ track? How do you explain “spooky” or “hollow” or “bigger” or “roomier?” When you’re in the room with the producer,  you can quickly try a trick or effect or pan 5 different ways and decide which one you like.  But that’s a long and expensive process from 500 miles away. Ughhh!

Eventually Duane and I found our language and we were able to create an album that hit all of the emotional and sonic marks we were striving for.


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