Terry on the House of Blues Show

Since we’ve been back in Chicago, the band has been operating on a new level musically. In Lexington, we were in the studio deconstructing, analyzing, and reworking every minute aspect of our music. The recording process, while at times tedious, proved to be a fantastic opportunity for us to not only put out the best record we could, but also for us to grow as musicians individually. We all spent countless hours working on our individual parts, trying our best to make sure our contribution would do the song justice. In addition to this, the recording experience afforded us a comfortability and confidence that can only come about when living together and working with each other day in and day out.

When we got back to Chicago we were eager to get away from the session mentality and get back to playing live together as a group. From the first rehearsal I could tell the show at the House of Blues was going to be special. I believe we had put so much time in that we were jumping at the opportunity to show the fruits of our labor. It’s one thing to make a great album, but if you can’t showcase it in a live setting, it’s not worth shite.

With me, musical growth occurs when the things that I practice tirelessly can eventually become second nature. With that confidence in playing, I am able to build upon that. After Lexington, I feel we have done just that. A lot of the initial kinks have been smoothed out, and we have become so comfortable as a group that we are able to build. And keep building we will. The recording process was a great milestone for us. But, the journey is literally in its first steps. Now it’s on to showcasing what we can do on the stage. No matter how big or small the stage I believe not only are we capable of showcasing are live talent, but we are eager to do so. The House of Blues show proved that. But like I said, it’s just the beginning.

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