Tom on the “Riot” video shoot

I had a really fun time filming the performance section of the “Riot” video. We worked the song in practice a lot to get it exactly like it is on the recording. When we got to the studio in the West Loop area in the morning, we spent the first hour or so getting our hair and makeup done by Jessica W. She is the best. She cut my hair the week before and really does a professional job. But on Saturday, we were really asking so much of her, to not only work with all five of us, but also to put up with our pickiness. And can you guess who is the most picky? Jam. But it is a good thing. He wants us all to look our best and perform our best, especially for our first new single from our new album. It’s kind of important. 

While we were getting our looks done, Ben, the director, was finishing up the parts of the video with the actors. It was great meeting the actors who play the hero and the leader. They were both really professional and put so much of themselves into their performances. I remember Sophia, the hero, needed to run in from offscreen and scream. She repeated it a number of times to get multiple shots and angles. Everytime she came in she gave it her all. 

Then it was our turn. 

We first needed to put together a riser for my drums. It was a good idea to have the drums on a riser because it gives a much more professional look to the band. We are so lucky to have Brian Bock as our tech guy.  He does it all! Guitars, sound, drums, everything. We would be lost without his kindness. He took over the complexity of getting the riser together and helped with the video crew.  

Then it was the performances. The song was blaring over speakers so we could follow along with it. I can’t speak for the rest of the band, but I was playing for real. You can’t fake acoustic drums. Plus, we needed to give 100% energy and be as animated as we are in live situations. And we had to play through the whole song about eight times to get all the different shots and angles needed to put it all together. It was a very exhausting experience. It was fun but it was a lot. 

I hope it comes across in the video that we were playing our hearts out because we were. We love this song and wanted to do it justice. We hope it comes across for all of you. Peace&Love. 


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